news (august 2015)

go for copy that floppy on amazon cdbaby and itunes. i made it on thursday before easter sunday 2015. i have been eating a berner würstl that day. i used the basic idea of copy that floppy i had online at jamendo. i decided put the initial copy that floppy version from jamendo offline. the time where all music of funkyflo is for free of charge these times are gone. i also got to make a living and if you are a fan of mine you can show me your respect by buying my music.


When at least 50 (fifty) purchases of copy that floppy techno house version are done, then i can think about putting that album online back at


Come on. you will enjoy copy that floppy commercial version! it has super bass and synth line added from m-phazevave monophonic synthesizer. and if i got my USD 20 return of inverstment back  – yes i had to pay USD 20 that my music is on amazon cdbaby and iTunes, yes if i got my $20 in, then i will be happy to make a new cool music for you






funkyflo is not always single. funkyflo had ines. but we both made mistakes. it is better that funkyflo is now single again. funkyflo is not even single. funkyflo has a girlfiend a vff (virtual friend forever) a 35 year old ladie from philipines. hi emilyn if you read this, funkyflo says a loud hello and welcome to you, he loves you! he wants to say how glad he is that he found you via facebook!!!





dont feel too proud for yourself or to shy for to contact funkyflo via facebook. either via is funkyflo facebook site, please like it/subscribe, or via his personal facebook account you will find when you enter “Florian Suschetz” on facebook.





The sommer is almost gone. now come cooler times





from jan 2014 till august 2015 funkyflo is proud to announce that he lost the amount of 25 kilogramms



Contacts: FunkyFlo wants to be contacted via facebook, email or telephone. his telephone number is listed at



Greetings to all fans, more news will come. this will be some kind of blog now


bye bye




Florian FunkyFlo Suschetz