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Hi 🙂 I am FunkyFlo!
– oft kopiert, doch
Ich bin das Original 😉


I am funkyflo,
I am a funk musican, from the heart of southern austria,

from klagenfurt/carinthia/austria. my mission & hobby is to keep the funk alive and I publish my funky music on the web since 1998.

Some year I also started a side project to “goof up and funk up the techno music” wich is called “dj hörni börni”

With guest artist as mc patze f.i. or mr. black
I have created also some funky rap tracks….
Although I havent really (since feb 2018) made new music since > 2  years,
I hope to present you soon new music by me, funkyflo.
But i have done some new videos & remixes, and vlogs
at my youtube channel…. check it out
Meanwhile, stay tuned, and enjoy surfing website

Your’s FunkyFlo

hello I am #FunkyFlo - oft kopiert doch Ich bin das Original 😉
Hallo! Ich bin der Funky Funky #FunkyFlo ! hello I am #FunkyFlo - oft kopiert doch ich bin das Original 😉 https://instagram....
FunkyfloMay, 2020 at 10:52pm
#FunkyFlo - oft kopiert, doch Ich bin das Original 😉
FunkyfloMay, 2020 at 9:33pm
not even that guy from Russia, now a guy & gay from germany try Steal my Identity #FunkyFlo & Copy my Nickname at twitter! 190 followers!!
Hereby i wanna say that I am the official FunkyFlo musican who makes funky music since 1998 and i am NOT gay!
FunkyFlo - Elemente
FunkFlo: Photography by VIENNA BEAT All music posted is for promoti...
FunkyfloApril, 2020 at 11:44pm
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